Available paintings    
Cougar Profile, mountain lion, Puma   Winter Fox at Sunrise, wildlife, oil painting, red fox crossing winter field, marsh
Morning Shadows, oil painting of doe and fawn, white-tailed deer in summer field   Sanctuary, oil painting of loons, loon family in northern lake in the summer
Courting Ospreys in Baie-Sainte-Marguerite, Saguenay River, osprey in flight   First Snow, Last Nigh oil painting of red fox crossing snowy winter field
Mourning Cloak, butterfly oil painting   Fox Painting, Oil Painting, Red Fox in snowy winter field
Elk oil painting, rocky mountains, western wildlife, bull elk rutting season, wildlife art, nature painting   Great Horned Owl, Oil painting, in Aspen tree in autumn woods
Oil painting, Kingfisher flying over summer pond with lily pads, yellow water lilies   Oil painting, fox in fresh snow, winter, field of snow
oil painting of chipmunk on stone wall in spring forest   Sunrise over the marsh, fox in winter field
Eagle oil painting   The Buck in the Maple Wood, oil painting, wildlife, white-tailed deer, buck in maple forest
White flags oil painting,  White-tailed deer jumping ,fall forest   Catbird painting, catbird in apple tree, spring blossoms
Mantiling Cooper's Hawk painting, hunting hawk   Golden Eagle painting
Out of the Blue peregrin falcon painting   Caribou Mont Albert Painting, Gaspé Caribou herd
Fox And Crows Painting, autumn fields, fall colours, colors   Lingering Ice Painting, Loons, ice and mosses on rock wall