Available paintings    
Malbaie River Moose, oil painting of a moose along the Malbaie River in summer   Springtime Doe, wildlife oil painting of white-tailed deer in spring woods, rural setting, spring colors
Snowshoe Hare painting, white showshoe hare in winter, varying hare, rabbit in snow   Red Fox In Wet Snow, Fox painting, winter country field with fox, snowy weather
Flooded Fields, oil painting of Canada Geese, Killdeer, plover,ring-billed gulls in a farm field in springtime   On a Still Winter's Eve, oil painting of fox with grouse in a forest at sundown
Southern Visitor, oil painting of egret, heron, white bird on river   Under a Watchful Eye, moose cow with calves, northern forest, salmon river
The Boreal Anthem, Painting of howling wolves in the Laurentians   Bull moose in rainy weather, boreal forest Laurentians
Goldfinch, Chicory, painting   Les Eaux de Mars painting of river in winter
Catbird painting, catbird in apple tree, spring blossoms   Red Tail, painting of red-tailed hawk in flight, winter
Mantiling Cooper's Hawk painting, hunting hawk   Pini Romani, Rome Pine trees painting
In Winter White ermine painting   Golden Eagle painting
Out of the Blue peregrin falcon painting   Bighorn Ewe and Lamb painting
Suitors, Hooded mergansers painting   His Domaine, Grizzly bear painting, Rocky Mountains
Caribou Mont Albert Painting, Gaspé Caribou herd   Fox And Crows Painting, autumn fields, fall colours, colors
Un Loup la Nuit Painting, Wolf in snow in moonlight, winter night   Lingering Ice Painting, Loons, ice and mosses on rock wall
Feline Serenity painting, Cougar, puma reclining   Birder painting, domestic cat, spring forest
Great Blue Heron Painting, flying over woodland pond