Archived paintings    
Southern Visitor, oil painting of egret, heron, white bird on river   Pintail Ducks oil painting
The Magic Hour, Oil painting, deer and fawn in sun-dappled forest   Sun, Ice and Fox, wildlife painting of red fox in winter field
Bois de riverain, Fox in winter, oil painting   In Winter White ermine painting
Springtime Doe, wildlife oil painting of white-tailed deer in spring woods, rural setting, spring colors   Red Tail, painting of red-tailed hawk in flight, winter
Primavera, oil painting, swallows and red-wing blackbird in spring, split-rail fence   Soft River Sounds painting, woodland deer
Elk Along the Madison painting   A Breath of Spring painting Northern Oriole with Apple blossoms
Mallards Painting of mallard ducks   Evening Light on the Restigouche, painting of salmon fisherman on the river
Icon, painting of bison   Whistlers, painting of common goldeneye ducks